1. Ending Soon
    Meeting with women entrepreneurs in Togo village
    Join the programme of offering small loans and education in business skills to women, social entrepreneurs in the rural villages in Togo.
    • 0.10% Funded
    • € 10 Pledged
    • 4 Days Left
  2. Ending Soon
    Students in Chusa school of beauty, in Uganda
    Support single mothers and adolescent girls living in slums in Uganda to start their own businesses, and thus improve their lives.
    • 0.05% Funded
    • € 5 Pledged
    • 4 Days Left
  3. Ending Soon
    Fredrik Atinga, founder of Dolas Creation in his studio in Kibera, Nairobi
    Help our partner, Mr Fredrick Ating´a in creating more job prospects for Kibera citizens. Participate in scaling up the production and sales of the local tailoring products.
    • 0.15% Funded
    • € 15 Pledged
    • 4 Days Left
  4. You can choose a specific programme to donate, or allow Action10 to assess for which programme your support is needed the most at the moment.
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