We collaborate with social entrepreneurs in
Sub-Saharan African countries.

Action10 was registered in Sweden in 2009 by Dr Cecilia Öman. She had a two-fold vision of a shift of paradigm where aid dependency had been replaced with international equal partnership, and extreme poverty had been eradicated. She targeted scientific research, advanced laboratories, social enterprising and global development and founded the volunteer-driven association Action10 to raise funds for social entrepreneurial business loans and for increasing cross-cultural understanding and respect. She also founded the social enterprise Human Rights & Science (HR&S) that has local branches and effective operations within the targeted countries and can prepare for and follow up on the investment of the funds raised by Action10. HR&S operates as an equal partner with social entrepreneurs, institutions and other stakeholders and offers training and coaching on practical strategies related to research management, laboratory management, social enterprising and global development.


volunteer-driven organisation


of donations reach final recipients


years in distant rural communities


Sub-Saharan African countries


Action10 is an entirely volunteer-driven organisation which means that we manage to transfer 95% of donations to our partners in Sub-Saharan African countries. The 5%, that is used for administration in Sweden, covers mainly bank and website fees as well as money transfer costs.

From 2009, when Action10 was a “one-man band,” until today, it grew to an organisation managed by 20 volunteers.

African woman working in the field with her baby on back

Our mission is to offer business loans to local social entrepreneurs and raise awareness on cross-cultural respect.

Our vision is a shift of paradigm where aid dependency had been replaced with international equal partnership and extreme poverty had been eradicated.


Action10 operates under the umbrella of Human Rights and Science (HR&S).

In 2015, Cecilia registered a social enterprise Human Rights and Science (HR&S) to strengthen the operations of Action10. HR&S has branches in seven countries and offers local training, expert advice, networking, physical infrastructure and auditing to the social entrepreneurs entitled to a business loan from the funds raised by Action10. HR&S also offers coaching to academic and development institutions.

Cecilia Öman meeting villagers in distant African village


We encourage local social entrepreneurs to talk to us about their ideas. We seek to partner with social entrepreneurs who have a passion for driving change, intrinsic motivation, a sound social business idea that would benefit from scaling and promising preliminary results.

Hands together representing volunteer work at Action10


A group of volunteers in Sweden and in Africa works together for Action10 to closely support the local stakeholders in Sub-Saharan African countries. We have two tasks: cross-cultural awareness raising and fundraising for business loans.

We are motivated by the long-term aspect of our operations in Sub-Saharan African countries, that we are supporting our partner’s own ideas, that we are learning lessons and implementing informed decisions and that we share about both achievements and mistakes. We are also motivated by the enthusiastic team spirit.