A small contribution can be the catalyst for real change – donating to Action10 means supporting a local business in need. 95% of your donations go to the target countries.

African women working on cassava farm


If you have a Swedish bank account, you can fill out our Autogiro form. If you live in countries other than Sweden, please send a message to

Woman selling pepper sits over her wares in a market, in Abeokuta, Nigeria


For the same amount of money as for a cinema ticket, you could set the first stone in making the biggest difference in the lives of those who need it. You can donate through PayPal, Swish or bank transfer. Donate to specific programmes or let us allocate the donated amount to the programme, which at the moment needs funding the most.

Colorful African bowls on the white tablecloth, products from one of the Action10 programs


The support of the private sector is instrumental in creating employment opportunities and economic growth, and therefore it has a direct impact on the lives of the poor. Action10’s strategy is focused on activities that facilitate effective collaborations with private sector companies and businesses. Contact us if you represent a business that would like to support social entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.


If monetary donations are not your cup of tea, there are other ways to take action.


Action10 is a 100% volunteer-driven organisation composed of an amazing team of people who give their time and expertise to reduce extreme poverty. As we are volunteer-driven, each volunteer is responsible for her/his milestones. We learn lessons and make informed decisions about our procedures together and we grow organically. Moreover, as we are driven by the requests of our partners, our assignments change all the time, and we must be flexible. Each team member must be able to work independently, take own responsibility, take own initiative, and deliver on time.

Reducing extreme poverty involves, according to Action10, a shift of mindset, from aid dependency to autonomy and equal partnership. Cross-cultural understanding and respect are key, both between countries and continents, as well as between communities within the same country, for example between educated and illiterate communities, and between individuals.

Action10 has two tasks, raising funds to be given out as loans to social entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan African countries and cross-cultural awareness-raising. We assign 20 volunteer staff and are structured into a Working Board and three workgroups: Africa for Africa, Sweden for Africa, and Social Media for Africa.

Africa for Africa seeks donations from Africans and has volunteers from African countries and can share the African version of cross-cultural awareness-raising. Africa for Africa arranges monthly online knowledge-sharing meetings.

Sweden for African seeks donations from Swedish people and companies and can share the Swedish perspective of cross-cultural awareness-raising. Team Sweden for Africa arranges social events in Sweden every second month and runs a stewardship programme for monthly givers.

Social media for Africa seeks funding through crowdfunding platforms and communicates and discusses different aspects of cross-cultural issues through posting and blogging. The team Social media for Africa is active with posting on FB, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and they engage in blogging.

Being a volunteer staff in Action10 is a serious assignment, we raise hope among under-served communities and we have the duty to not fail our partners nor challenge their hope. Being a volunteer staff of Action10 is a commitment. Members volunteer to join, and when they have joined it is a commitment, a commitment to under-served communities.

We are looking for a certain category of people. Action10 team members must be experienced in related fields, mature in their understanding of cross-cultural respect, they must have intrinsic motivation, and be agencies for change. They must be aware of and clear over their own motivation, why they want to join Action10 actually. Members must also have enough time to invest and intend to remain for a longer period of time, years.

It is important to be aware that team members of Action10 must not be driven by pity nor a post-colonial superior attitude. Also, people who enjoy routine work, who depend on very firm instructions about what to do, or have eccentric motivation, such as a mark in a CV och social get-together to chill with other people, do actually not fit into the team of Action10.

But those who have a passion for improving livelihoods in under-served communities, are innovative, self-driven, goal-oriented, deliver results on time, are excellent team players with supportive and positive attitudes, they are perfect matches to Action10 and we welcome them to the Action10 family with loving hearts.

Busy street in Lagos, Nigeria


We also want to increase the number of volunteers from Sub-Saharan African countries who can work online with the Action10 team in Sweden. Please, are you looking to get involved in an international development organisation? Reach out!